Emotion & Atmospheres

Intensity & Darkness


Music Releases

The Dreamless Sleep – Wounded Ocean – 2018

Tin Hearts (Original Game Soundtrack) – 2018

The Dreamless Sleep – Reach Out With Both Hands/Tarka – 2017

Through the Static, to the Dreamless Sleep – 2016

Scenes EP – 2016

Successor: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed (Materia Collective) – 2016

Materia: Final Fantasy VII Remixed (Materia Collective) – 2015

Reflections EP – 2014

Visions – Home (Basick Records) – 2011 (Soundscapes & Production Elements)

Video Games

Unannounced Video Game – 2017-2019. Video Game, PS4 VR and PC. Original Music, Sound Design, Wwise Audio Implementation.

Belgica (Prototype Demo) – 2018. Video Game, PC VR. Sound Design, Wwise Audio Implementation.

Tin Hearts – 2016-2019. PC VR. Original Music, Sound Design, Wwise Audio Implementation.

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim – 2014-2016. Original Music, Sound Design, FMOD Audio Implementation.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition – 2014. Sound Design, Unity Engine Audio Implementation.

Moebius: Empire Rising – 2014. Sound Design, Unity Engine Audio Implementation.

Lost In Nazca – 2014. Original Music, Sound Design.

Face Noir – 2013. Dialogue Editing.

Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok – 2013. Original Music.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – 2013-2014. Sound Design, Unity Engine Audio Implementation, Dialogue Editing.

Kung Fu Superstar – 2012. Original Music.

Space Quest: Incinerations – 2011. Original Music.

The Silver Lining – 2011. Sound Design.

Film / Television / Trailers

JOKER – 2019. Teaser Trailer. Warner Bros. (Music Elements & Sound Design)

Tale of Time – 2018. Mixed Reality Short Film. RYOT (Original Score)

Women at War100 Years of Service – 2017, BBC (Licensed Music)

The Middle (Season 7 Episode 15) – 2016. ABC (Licensed Music)

Pure Skill – 2016. Short Film. Original Music.

The Boys of 66 – 2016, Sky Sports Original (Licensed Music)

World Cup Coverage – 2014, BBC (Licensed Music)

Byzantium: A Tale Of Three Cities – 2013, BBC (Licensed Music)

The Ottomans – Europe’s Muslim Emperors – 2013. BBC (Licensed Music)

Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier – 2012. BBC (Licensed Music)

Green Lantern (Sky Cinema Trailer) – 2012. Sky


My work has been licensed for hundreds of uses worldwide in television, commercials, online video and other media. If you are interested in licensing my music please get in touch using the information on the contact section below.


For work on film trailers I am signed with L.A based agency Pusher Music. For information please contact


Matthew Chastney is a UK-based composer, producer and sound designer. In addition to original albums and EPs, he has worked on scores and soundtracks for various projects. Recent works include Tin Hearts, a VR video game developed by Rogue Sun, ‘A Tale of Time’. an upcoming mixed-reality animated short by RYOT, the teaser trailer for JOKER, and an upcoming unannounced VR video game for Playstation VR and PC platforms.

A graduate from The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, United Kingdom, Matthew was awarded the “Student/Apprentice Award for Sound Design” at the 2012 Game Audio Network Guild Awards. Matthew also releases music under the alias The Dreamless Sleep, the single Wounded Ocean featuring Britt Warner released in November 2018.

“Just stunning…a name to be listening out for” – Sarah Gosling, BBC Introducing

“The minimal and at times whispered vocals function as an instrument in their own right and provide as much colour and depth as the emotive strings. There’s a feel of Ludovico Einaudi about Tarka, but it paints a much broader canvas both sonically and emotionally.” –


Original Music Scores & Soundtracks

Music Production & Mixing

Game Music Implementation (Wwise, FMOD)


Game Audio Network Guild – Student/Apprentice Award for Sound Design
The 10th Annual G.A.N.G Awards
2012 Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA

AGS Award for Best Music
Adventure Game Studios Awards – 2013 Best Music for “Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok”

ba. Creative Sound Design for New Media – 1st Class Honours
Academy of Contemporary Music. 2009 – 2011 Guildford, United Kingdom



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Film & TV: carolynne (at)