Tin Hearts: Original Game Soundtrack

Apple Music


Released 16th May 2023

Music by Matthew Chastney

Electronics, Guitars, Keyboards & Piano – Matthew Chastney
Violin, Viola & Cello – Richard Curran
Celtic Harp – Jordi Francis
Violin & Viola – Maria Grigoryeva
Bassoon – Eric Heidbreder
Flute & Alto Flute – Laura Intravia
Bass Flute, English Horn, Flute, Oboe & Recorders – Kristin Naigus
Cello – Natalia Nazarova
Marimba & Vibraphone – Doug Perry
Accordion – Davi Raubach
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet – Peter Anthony Smith
Harp – Amy Turk

Mixed by Matthew Chastney
Mastered by Jett Galindo
Artwork by Christoph Krumnow

“One of the most beautiful scores written for a video game”

“The classical score, one of the best I’ve heard in a while, helps to make you care … and believe that toys are magical.”
The Daily Mail

“The biggest star of the show for us, however, is the music. It’s simply wonderful. Focusing on gentle piano tunes and whimsical melodies, the soundtrack is perfectly suited to this kind of game, and it makes the emotional beats of the story hit that much harder. We can’t fault it, quite frankly.”
Nintendo Life

“The musical compositions are excellent. As elegant as the choice of instruments such as vibraphones, woodwinds, reeds, keyboards and strings. All dosed with compositional intelligence and a sweetness, the music manages to paint a sound picture suitable for every moment and every mood. Besides, it also knows when silence is the best choice.”